Isabelle Kirshner Discusses False Allegations and White Collar Crimes with You(Online)

Partner Isabelle Kirshner recently discussed the topic of false allegations and online risks with the You(Online) Blog.

According to Kirshner, wealthy men who have no history of wrongdoing towards women can still be targeted by some unscrupulous people.

“Be very cautious about who you associate with and what you say to them,” Kirshner warned. “Don’t use digital communications channels to communicate, especially texts. Know that there are many more plaintiffs’ firms taking on #MeToo cases. Wealthy people are walking targets.”

And for younger men, the risks of being falsely accused are even greater. Kirshner recommends that young men “be very careful and very aware of what you do when drinking, and what you do and say on social media. Social media has really impacted civil and criminal cases. Everything you say on social media can be used against you.”

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