For employers, New York City is one of the most heavily-regulated areas in the world.  Failure of an employer to comply with the multitude of laws and regulations governing its business can result in crippling regulatory punishment and penalties, as well as costly individual and class action lawsuits.  Our attorneys help employers navigate the complex and onerous system of laws and regulations applicable to their business.  We draft employee handbooks to establish a proper foundation for an employer’s policies and procedures.  We advise employers on complying with city, state and federal laws against discrimination and sexual harassment, wage and hour provisions and other laws regarding terms and conditions of employment.  We frequently handle inquiries from employers about how to handle sensitive situations regarding employees, such as disciplinary measures or termination. Our attorneys provide these kinds of advisory services to employers in a number of industries, including many successful bars and restaurants in New York City.  Our experience gives our clients peace of mind that they are in compliance with employment laws and will not face unnecessary and avoidable costs and negative publicity.